Sunday, December 6, 2009

Careers with Animals or Nonprofit Kit For Dummies

Careers with Animals: Exploring Occupations Involving Dogs, Horses, Cats, Birds, Wildlife, and Exotics

Author: Ellen Shenk

A much-needed guide to animal-related professions, Careers with Animals is a vital resource for the animal lover looking to plan his or her future. Author Ellen Shenk provides straightforward and accurate introductions to a wide range of potential careers—everything from familiar jobs such as veterinarian and zookeeper to cat breeder, animal chiropractor, dog show judge, and other more unusual pursuits. Also included are numerous fascinating profiles of real-life professionals, who give honest looks at the many challenges and unique rewards of working with animals. Includes in-depth profiles of individuals who work with animals every day and provides current information on salaries, educational requirements, and job outlook, along with job information resources.

Author Biography: Ellen Shenk is the author of Outdoor Careers (0811728730). Her experience in the career field includes writing articles and presenting seminars on the topics of the creative job search, interviewing, and writing resumes. She is a past editor of the national newsletter of the Career Information Resource Advisory Group and currently lives in Ottawa, Canada.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1Choosing Your Career1
Chapter 2Cats, Dogs, and Other Small Pets9
Small Animal Breeder10
Dog or Cat Trainer12
Animal Control Officer20
Boarding Kennel Operator22
Pet Groomer23
Pet Sitter25
Shelter Worker26
Dog Shows27
Professional Dog Handler27
Dog Show Judge28
Cat Shows31
Himalayan Cat and Alpaca Breeder42
Professional Dog Trainer45
Dog Show Judge and Dog Writer48
Chapter 3Horses53
Horse Show Work58
Horse Care61
Equine Massage Therapy63
Horse Training64
Horse Business67
Head Instructor72
Chapter 4Birds79
Bird Tour Leader82
Field Ornithologist83
Bird Trainer84
Bird Trainer88
Chapter 5Marine Animals, Fish, and Other Aquatic Creatures93
Aquaculture/Fish Hatcheries95
Fisheries Management98
Marine Collector99
Marine Mammal Trainer101
Research Biologist (Fisheries)103
Marine Life Fisherman112
Chapter 6Reptiles and Amphibians117
Herpetologist and University Professor123
Zookeeper and Reptile Zoo Owner126
Chapter 7Wild Animals129
Wildlife Biologist131
Wildlife Technologist or Technician133
Wildlife Officer135
Wildlife Public Information Officer136
Wildlife Rehabilitator137
Wildlife Biologist141
Wildlife Rehabilitator144
Chapter 8Ranch Animals147
Other Ranch Animals153
Chapter 9Exotic Animals159
Sanctuary Work166
Senior Elephant Handler169
Animal Sanctuary Owners171
Chapter 10Caring for Animals177
Veterinary Technician/Technologist180
Animal Behaviorist181
Holistic Medicine/Alternative Therapies185
Animal Chiropractor187
Animal Use in Therapy188
Veterinarian and Animal Chiropractor194
Veterinary Technician197
Chapter 11Some Job-Search Tips201

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Nonprofit Kit For Dummies

Author: Frances Phillips

Starting a nonprofit is one of the most exciting and gratifying adventures that you’ll ever partake in, especially when you seal the deal on your first grant. But like all adventures, running a nonprofit organization is a real challenge.

Nonprofit Kit for Dummies, Second Edition shows you the fun-and-easy way to get your nonprofit up-and-running. It contains savvy advice from the experts on everything from incorporating and managing your nonprofit to unbeatable tactics for raising money and managing public relations. This hands-on, no-nonsense guide is packed with tons of useful information that will give you everything you need to:

• Plan your nonprofit for the community

• Write a buy-in guaranteed mission statement

• Incorporate and apply tax exemption

• Build your board of directors with the right people

• Design a volunteer program

• Have a paid staff run your nonprofit

• Create budgets and financial reports

• Craft the perfect fundraising plan

• Write a great grant proposal

• Raise money from individuals

Included in this must-have resource is a bonus CD-ROM that contains sample grant proposals, over a dozen budget and cash flow projections, multiple fundraising plans to choose from, and a list of indispensable Web resources to keep your nonprofit on track. Nonprofit Kit for Dummies, Second Edition is the ultimate nuts-and-bolts guide to getting your nonprofit off the ground and giving back to your community!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Words That Sell or How to Get Into the Top MBA Programs

Words That Sell: The Thesaurus to Help You Promote Your Products, Services, and Ideas

Author: Richard Bayan

More than 6,000 words and phrases that make the difference between "yadda-yadda-yadda" and copy that sells

Looking for a better way to say "authentic?" Words That Sell gives you 57 alternatives. How about "appealing?" Take your pick from 76 synonyms. You'll even find more than 100 variations on "exciting." Fully updated and expanded, this edition of the copywriting classic is packed with inspiration-on-demand for busy professionals who need to win customers--by mail, online, or in person.

  • More than 75 lists of powerful and persuasive words and phrases, including 21 new lists for this edition
  • Cross-referencing of categories to jump-start creative thinking
  • A crash course in basic copywriting techniques
  • Helpful lists of commonly misspelled words, confusing words, pretentious phrases to avoid, and more

Roget's is fine for writing term papers and letters to the editor, but when it comes to the business of writing copy that translates into sales, there is no substitute for Words That Sell.

Richard Bayan spent over two decades as an award-winning advertising copywriter and copy chief. He is the author of three other books, including the companion to this book, More Words That Sell.

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How to Get Into the Top MBA Programs

Author: Richard Montauk

Now updated and revised.

Now with new and expanded information on Executive MBA programs, the most up-to-date school rankings, new interviews with admissions officers, and more detailed advice for younger applicants, Montauk offers an up-close and candid view of what leading MBA programs look for in an applicant.

Table of Contents:
How to Benefit Most from This Book
1Why Get an MBA?3
2Types of MBA Programs11
3How to Use the Rankings30
4Make the Most of Your Credentials50
5How to Choose the Right School for You83
6The Admissions Process103
7Financing Your MBA110
8Marketing Yourself: General Principles121
9Understanding the Key Essay Topics141
10How to Write Persuasive Essays179
13Application Timetable268
14Responding to Wait-Listing, Rejections, and Other Disappointments283
15What to Do Once You Are Accepted290
16How to Get the Most Out of Business School309
AppendixApplication Essay Examples317

Thursday, December 3, 2009

How to Wow or The Five Temptations of a CEO

How to Wow: Proven Strategies for Presenting Your Ideas, Persuading Your Audience, and Perfecting Your Image

Author: Frances Jones

“The invaluable advice in How to Wow guarantees your success in any meeting situation, from the boardroom to the breakfast table.”
–Keith Ferrazzi, author of Never Eat Alone

In today’s fast-paced world, where an elevator ride with your CEO can turn into an impromptu meeting, your lunch date can become a job interview, and your conversation at a cocktail party may be a preamble to a potential business merger, knowing how to market yourself in any situation is vital. Corporate coach Frances Cole Jones has helped numerous CEOs, celebrities, and public personalities present their best selves on camera and onstage, in boardrooms and in person; now in her new book, How to Wow, she shares her strategies for making your mark in business and in life.

Every encounter, Jones believes, provides you with an opportunity to positively influence colleagues, employers, neighbors–even competitors. Not only your words, but your tone of voice and your body language speak volumes. The question, however, is: Are they working together to say what you want them to, as effectively as possible?

Inside, you’ll learn how to

• leave a lasting impression with a simple introduction
• effectively employ the twelve most persuasive words in the English language and command the stage, boardroom, or lunch table
• read nonverbal responses accurately–and shift negative ones immediately
• motivate your team under deadline
• interview fearlessly and flawlessly
• write the perfect pitch, résumè, cover letter, or e-mail
• deliver speeches that bring people totheir feet
• transform a PowerPoint presentation into a powerful success

With easy-to-follow advice, amusing anecdotes, and immediately employable hints, Jones’s guidelines can keep you cool (even in hot water). From asking the right questions to giving the right answers, How to Wow will provide you with the confidence to be calm and commanding in all you do and to wow anyone anywhere anytime.

Table of Contents:

Ch. 1 Don't Leave Home Without Them: The Nonnegotiable General Principles 3

Ch. 2 Make It More Than "Just Lunch": The Art of the One-an-One Encounter 29

Ch. 3 Conspire to Inspire: Maximizing Meetings 59

Ch. 4 Interview to a Kill: Stress-Free Job Interviewing 81

Ch. 5 Stand and Deliver: Giving Speeches That Bring People to Their Feet 102

Ch. 6 Pointed PowerPoint: Making PowerPoint Powerful 132

Ch. 7 Put It in Writing: But Before You Do ... 145

Ch. 8 Oh So Social: Making the Most of Your Social Interactions 171

Ch. 9 The Fine Points of Verbal Finesse: Answers to Questions, and Question and Answer 189

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The Five Temptations of a CEO: A Leadership Fable

Author: Patrick M Lencioni

Lencioni delivers a provocative message. CEOs mainly have themselves to blame when things go wrong. If you're a CEO (or a manager for that matter), do you have the courage to face it? Doing so could change your future -- for the better.

Library Journal

This tape presents the story of Andrew, a CEO, and the five temptations he faces in management. The central part of the work is a quirky dream. Very simplified, the temptations are putting self first, wanting to be liked rather than to lead, making decisions reluctantly, elevating harmony above productive argument, and not trusting subordinates. The author's discussions at the end of the story help clarify the main points, and the narration is nicely done by Boyd Gaines. Some of the ideas are good, but the advice is not consistently insightful. Recommended only for libraries with large management collections.--Mark Guyer, Stark Cty. Dist. Lib., Canton, OH Copyright 1999 Cahners Business Information.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Zig Ziglars Secrets of Closing the Sale or Scheisse

Zig Ziglar's Secrets of Closing the Sale

Author: Zig Ziglar

Doctors, housewives, ministers, parents, teachers ... everyone has to "sell" their ideas and themselves to be successful. This new guide by America's #1 professional in the art of persuasion focuses on the most essential part of the sale -- how to make them say "Yes, I will!"

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Scheisse!: The Real German You Were Never Taught in School

Author: Gertrude Besserwisser

If you think you have a fairly good command of German, think again. For it's a sure bet that Frau Schultz never taught you those nasty little guttural curses and humiliating invectives so expressive of real low German speech. But relax - here at last is the one book that can introduce you to the very worst beer-hall German. Scheisse! is an indispensible guide to off-color German colloquialisms and profanities - lascivious bedroom slang and boozy insults, jeering scatalogical put-downs and scurrilous ridicule. This hilariously illustrated cornucopia of creative expletives, gauranteed to vex, taunt, aggravate, and provoke as only overwrought low German can, will help you master the fine art of German verbal abuse - with triumphant one-upmanship.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Monday Morning Mentoring or Cold Calling Techniques

Monday Morning Mentoring: Ten Lessons to Guide You Up the Ladder

Author: David Cottrell

Everyone who wants a fulfilling career needs a mentor -- someone who has seen it all before, someone who can share hard-won experiences and teach valuable lessons.

In this expanded and enhanced version of his best-selling book, Monday Morning Leadership, David Cottrell packs all of the wisdom of his wide-ranging business experience into this inspirational story. Cottrell introduces us to Jeff, a successful corporate manager who has hit a major wall. Jeff has been leading his team, quarter after quarter, to great sales and better profits for several years -- until now. The tricks that used to work wonders have lost their magic; Jeff is in a slump and is at a loss to find his way out of it.

Overworked, stressed, and feeling that his personal and professional lives are at risk, Jeff reaches out to the father of a college buddy, a retired and tremendously accomplished former executive named Tony. Tony and Jeff agree to meet every Monday for ten weeks to work through Jeff's problems and get his career back on track.

In the course of these intimate sessions, Jeff discovers the secrets of real leadership: "Until I accept total responsibility -- no matter what -- I will not be able to put plans in place to accomplish my goals." And, "My success is the result of making better choices and recovering quickly from poor choices."

Tony leads Jeff through tough lessons in how to manage his people, how to manage his own time, how to manage his superiors, and how to escape from "management land." Most of all, Jeff learns that his success is intimately bound with the success of his people and that tolerating lackluster performance in himself and otherson the team only leads to discontent from his most prized and productive employees.

Through Jeff's mentoring sessions, the reader meets a character of integrity who dispenses homespun but effective wisdom. Spend time with Tony and Jeff at their Monday morning meetings, and you will find yourself on the road to becoming a better leader and being more successful at work.

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Cold Calling Techniques: 20th Anniversary Edition

Author: Stephen Schiffman

Follow the advice of Stephan Schiffman- America's #1 Corporate Sales Trainer-and take your career to the next level. This special anniversary edition of his perennial bestseller, Cold Calling Techniques (That Really Work!), provides you with all of the right tools for turning prospects into meetings, and meetings into big sales.

This easy-to-follow guide helps you beat today's cold calling obstacles, such as voice mail, cell phones, and e-mail. Schiffman's professional experience and corporate wisdom guarantee your future success. The anniversary edition of Cold Calling Techniques packs in plenty of potential leads to help you hunt down more business. Give yourself the edge. Cold Calling Techniques is the one book you need to make your sales opportunities better, pitches stronger, and commissions greater.

About the Author:
Stephan Schiffman is president of D.E.I. Franchise Systems, Inc.

Table of Contents:
Acknowledgments     ix
Preface to the 20th Anniversary Edition     xi
Introduction     xiii
Cold Calling Is Essential     1
By the Numbers     9
Where to Look for Leads     25
Cold Call Mechanics     32
Using Cell Phones     52
Turning Around Common Responses     33
The Ledge     65
Mastering Third-Party and Referral Calls     75
Leaving Messages That Get Results     86
More on Voice Mail     102
E-Mail Tactics     104
Follow-Up Calls     108
The Four-Step Sales Process     115
The Principles of Sales Success     122
Sample Scripts     132
Index     137