Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Monday Morning Mentoring or Cold Calling Techniques

Monday Morning Mentoring: Ten Lessons to Guide You Up the Ladder

Author: David Cottrell

Everyone who wants a fulfilling career needs a mentor -- someone who has seen it all before, someone who can share hard-won experiences and teach valuable lessons.

In this expanded and enhanced version of his best-selling book, Monday Morning Leadership, David Cottrell packs all of the wisdom of his wide-ranging business experience into this inspirational story. Cottrell introduces us to Jeff, a successful corporate manager who has hit a major wall. Jeff has been leading his team, quarter after quarter, to great sales and better profits for several years -- until now. The tricks that used to work wonders have lost their magic; Jeff is in a slump and is at a loss to find his way out of it.

Overworked, stressed, and feeling that his personal and professional lives are at risk, Jeff reaches out to the father of a college buddy, a retired and tremendously accomplished former executive named Tony. Tony and Jeff agree to meet every Monday for ten weeks to work through Jeff's problems and get his career back on track.

In the course of these intimate sessions, Jeff discovers the secrets of real leadership: "Until I accept total responsibility -- no matter what -- I will not be able to put plans in place to accomplish my goals." And, "My success is the result of making better choices and recovering quickly from poor choices."

Tony leads Jeff through tough lessons in how to manage his people, how to manage his own time, how to manage his superiors, and how to escape from "management land." Most of all, Jeff learns that his success is intimately bound with the success of his people and that tolerating lackluster performance in himself and otherson the team only leads to discontent from his most prized and productive employees.

Through Jeff's mentoring sessions, the reader meets a character of integrity who dispenses homespun but effective wisdom. Spend time with Tony and Jeff at their Monday morning meetings, and you will find yourself on the road to becoming a better leader and being more successful at work.

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Cold Calling Techniques: 20th Anniversary Edition

Author: Stephen Schiffman

Follow the advice of Stephan Schiffman- America's #1 Corporate Sales Trainer-and take your career to the next level. This special anniversary edition of his perennial bestseller, Cold Calling Techniques (That Really Work!), provides you with all of the right tools for turning prospects into meetings, and meetings into big sales.

This easy-to-follow guide helps you beat today's cold calling obstacles, such as voice mail, cell phones, and e-mail. Schiffman's professional experience and corporate wisdom guarantee your future success. The anniversary edition of Cold Calling Techniques packs in plenty of potential leads to help you hunt down more business. Give yourself the edge. Cold Calling Techniques is the one book you need to make your sales opportunities better, pitches stronger, and commissions greater.

About the Author:
Stephan Schiffman is president of D.E.I. Franchise Systems, Inc.

Table of Contents:
Acknowledgments     ix
Preface to the 20th Anniversary Edition     xi
Introduction     xiii
Cold Calling Is Essential     1
By the Numbers     9
Where to Look for Leads     25
Cold Call Mechanics     32
Using Cell Phones     52
Turning Around Common Responses     33
The Ledge     65
Mastering Third-Party and Referral Calls     75
Leaving Messages That Get Results     86
More on Voice Mail     102
E-Mail Tactics     104
Follow-Up Calls     108
The Four-Step Sales Process     115
The Principles of Sales Success     122
Sample Scripts     132
Index     137

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